Spring Services


From aeration and power raking to sprinkler systems and tree and shrub planting, we have you covered.

As Colorado outside finally begins to turn green after a cold winter, it’s that time again to love your lawn. Spring is a sensitive time for your yard – the soil is porous, the plants are frail, and the weather is unpredictable.


Facilitates water retention by your lawn and maximizes the benefits of fertilization


Iron rich blend to stimulate and maintain healthy lawn growth


Tree, shrub, bush, and flower planting

Commercial and Residential Lawn Maintenance

Remove all leaves and debris from your commercial or residential property

Power Raking

Removes the deep and heavy thatch from your lawn bed to foster healthy growth

Herbicide Application

Inhibits weed growth through growing season


Tree, shrub, and bush trimming

Sprinkler Systems

System activation and inspection: service includes turning on the system, setting the clock, and adjusting sprinkler heads to ensure proper coverage

Summer Services


Don’t like the heat? We do! We can take care of that special landscape project!

From concept to results, Olson professional designers and installation crews will make the most of your space and garden to enhance year-round enjoyment of your outdoor living area.

Landscape renovation and installation

Everything from retaining walls to new sod installations

Mid-summer fertilization

A special blend designed to help with water absorption and fortification against heat and drought.

Residential weekly lawn maintenance

Weekly mowing services with numerous service options.

Commercial maintenance programs

Sprinkler Systems

Inspections and repair

Open space mowing

Stay within city vegetation height ordnances and promote fire mitigation.


Utilizes drought-tolerant plants and design techniques

Fall Services


Let us handle the sprinkler winterization and fall clean up with our lawn care specialists.

Fall is the perfect time to prep your yard for the next growing season. Remove spent stems, dead branches, and heavy leaf cover to protect your property from cold Colorado winters.


Winterization blend to foster healthy dormancy


Tree, shrub, and bush trimming

Fall Clean Up

Remove all leaves and debris from your property

Lawn Maintenance

Residential weekly lawn maintenance including commercial maintenance programs

Sprinkler system winterization

Full evacuation of water to prevent irrigation system damage from freezing

Herbicide application

Inhibits weed growth through growing season


Facilitates water retention by your lawn and maximizes the benefits of fertilization

Winter Services


Let us take care of all your commercial snow removal needs.

Colorado winters are unpredictable, but often equate to heavy snow falls. Protect your clients, employees, patients, and visitors with a reliable and timely snow removal service provider. Olson is here to assist with your commercial property.

Snow Removal

Commercial snow removal services for the greater metropolitan Denver area and cities to the north. Professional, timely, and reliable. We do apologize, but we are unable to provide residential snow removal services.

Ice and snow pack mitigation

Salt, magnesium chloride, sand, ice slicer, we use it all to combat slippery conditions.



Keep your grass green & your neighbors jealous with a well-maintained sprinkler system.

We can handle any size irrigation project ranging from simple residential systems to complex cutting-edge commercial systems. Our experienced team has the knowledge and expertise to handle all facets of water management and irrigation.

Fall Winterization

We offer a fully guaranteed water evacuation of your system in preparation for freezing temperatures. This includes crucial winterization of in-house and exterior lines and a full wrap of installation for your backflow. In the event that issues or repairs that result from the winterization procedure, we remedy the issue at no cost to you.


Many irrigation systems are old and therefore often very inefficient, causing higher water bills with low plant/turf performance. Allow us to save you a great deal on your water bill by installing the latest water-saving techniques and sprinkler heads.

Spring Startup

We will ensure that your irrigation system is ready for the warm summer months. We will introduce water into the lines and verify that no issues are present as well as check every sprinkler head for proper coverage.


Full installation of booster pumps including submersible pump replacements for water features.


Proper repairs using the most current industry standards to all lines, heads, clocks, wiring, and backflows.


Routine inspections and pressure checks for over/under watering and leaks.

Water Conservation

Management of system to ensure compliance with municipal water restrictions.

New Installations

Comprehensive design and implementation for any system.


Installation of rain, transpiration, and soil sensors to take the guesswork out of watering.


Full management of your irrigation system from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet.